Kreg Christensen with Raptor's Rampage

Kreg Christensen is a monster truck driver currently driving Wicked, a monster truck in Australia. He has driven trucks like Max-D, Iron Outlaw, Dragon Slayer and Donkey Kong.

Until 2008, he drove his own truck, Dragon Slayer. In 2008, he drove Iron Outlaw to the 2Xtreme Team owned by Jimmy Creten. Then in 2009, he got hired by Tom Meents, the owner of Max-D. For 2010, had announced that Kreg Christensen will drive Donkey Kong, witch debuted with Frank Krmel.

During the time of driving for Max-D, he also had other things going on in Australia, in which he was driving monster trucks over there. In 2013 he later left Monster Jam to do things in Australia which one of those reasons were to drive the Wicked monster truck.

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