Jurassic Attack 2007-2011

Jurassic Attack was a custom monster truck from Don Frankish Motorsports. The truck is best known for when Crusader driver Linsey Weenk got started by driving Jurassic Attack. The chassis is currently owned by Trent Hickie of Melville Saskatchewan Canada and campaigned on a part time basis as Maniac under an agreement with Don Frankish. Frankish, in an interview, said that "there is indeed plans to bring back Jurassic Attack in the future, but it is currently unknown when". This truck was also featured in the movie Rat Race.


Live Nation Jurassic Attack

Jurrasic attack

Jurassic Attack 1998-2007

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Jurassic attack

Original version

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The first body under construction

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Original Render

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Original T-Rex design


Plush toy with unused logo


  • 1997- The truck is conceived as a T-Rex
  • 1998 - The truck debuts with a leafspring chassis.
  • 2000 - A full tube chassis is built and Linsey becomes the full time driver.
  • 2006 - Linsey goes to 2Xtreme Racing, his brother Nathan takes over as driver.
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Color Treads Jurassic Attack

  • 2007 - Kristy Edge takes over as driver, and a new scheme is created.
  • 2007 - A Jurassic Attack body is sent over seas on a Live Nation chassis, and Don Frankish wins freestyle in Cardiff.
  • 2010 - Gary Schott Jr. is the final full time driver of Jurassic Attack
  • 2012 - A ride truck is built, being the only Jurassic Attack truck left.
  • 2013 - The chassis is sold, and becomes the new Maniac, while Don keeps the name, for future use.
  • 2017 - Hot Wheels plans to make a Green Jurassic Attack toy, based off a concept picture made by Don Frankish for 2010.
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    The 2010 Concept

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    2017 Hot Wheels toy


Jurassic Attack's Digital Truck Render in Monster Jam: Path of Destruction.

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