Jim Koehler


Jim Koehler

Date of Birth

July 13, 1966

Driving Since


Trucks Driven

Avenger (1997-)

Jim Koehler is a monster truck driver out of Columbus, Michigan known for driving the monster truck Avenger. Koehler, nicknamed Mr. Excitement, is known for his wild antics and loud presence on and off the track, for his multiple championships, and for diving into water during the Monster Jam World Finals.


In 1998 Koehler unveiled his first Avenger truck, a Chevy S-10 which he would run until 2000. That year, after a hard crash in New Orleans, Koehler unveiled a new improved Avenger with a newer S-10 body. In 2002 the iconic Bel Air body was debuted in Indianapolis, and the following year Koehler would claim his first Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle championship.

During the 2004 World Finals Koehler began a tradition of having a special paint scheme for Avenger specifically for the World Finals, and in 2005 created another tradition of jumping into a body of water on the track after his freestyle. December 2008 would be the first Monster Jam for the new Avenger and Koehler would go on to win freestyle, and claim his second freestyle championship in 2011. Koehler has also won two championships for freestyle in Australia in 2009 and 2010 driving Avenger. In 2015, Koehler Performed in Fox Sports One Championship.


2003 Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Champion

2009 South Pacific World Finals Freestyle Champion

2010 South Pacific World Finals Freestyle Champion

2011 Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Champion


  • In 2017, he became the only driver, to date, to compete in every World Finals. Until 2017, he and Tom Meents competed in every World Finals including World Finals 0. However, Meents was unable to compete in World Finals 18 due to a lower back injury. With Koehler still competing in World Finals 18, he is now the only driver to compete in every World Finals since World Finals 0.

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