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Jester in 2017


Matt Pagliarulo


Matt Pagliarulo

Body Style



540 Chevy (Central Florida Machine and Speed)


2 Speed Powerglide (FTI)


66" Terra / BKT



Jester is an Escalade monster truck that tours with Razin Kane Monster Trucks. It was built in 2013-2014 and made its official debut in 2015. It is owned and driven by Matt Pagliarulo. The truck has become famous for its variation of color schemes over the years. The truck debuted with an orange paint scheme, before becoming green in 2016 and then purple in 2018. It has also featured a St. Patrick's Day paint scheme in 2016 (which is how the green truck's design originated) and a Halloween variant in 2017.


Construction on the chassis began in 2013 and continued for about a year into 2014. Then, in 2014, Jester was finished and began under-going test runs. Finally, the truck's paint and decals were added in late 2014. The truck made its official debut in Miami on January 3rd 2015. Matt and the Jester truck have been touring with Razin Kane Monster Trucks for the 2015 and 2016 seasons, as both teams are based out of Florida.

In 2016, Jester featured an exclusive St. Patrick's Day scheme for Monster Jam World Finals 17 pit party, since the event partially took place on St. Patrick's Day.

In late 2016, Hotwheels released the 1:24 scale version of the truck. This was followed by the 1:64 scale version as well as a special "X-Ray" version of the 1:64 scale toy.

In 2017, Jester switched to a green body version of the truck. This version of the truck is the same as the special St. Patrick's Day Scheme that was used for the Pit Part at Monster Jam World Finals 17: however, all references to the holiday were removed, since the green body will be used for the entire season. It is believed that the switch was because fans reacted more positively to the green body than the orange one. Matt and the truck perform their first ever backflip in Oakland. Later, a green 1:24th scale Jester is released.

In October 2017, the team announced on Instagram that a Halloween edition of the truck would debut during a Monster Truck Throwdown show.

For Monster Jam World Finals 18, Jester featured 3D diamonds on the side of the truck.

For Monster Jam World Finals 19, a purple version of the Jester truck debuted.

Instagram Jokes

The Jester Monster Truck team is known for its frequent jokes on social media pages such as Instagram.

Jester crew chief arrested

A Jester crew member pretends to be arrested in September 2015.

In September 2015, in El Paso Texas, The Jester Monster Truck team posted a picture on their official Instagram of a crew member appearing to get arrested after the truck was supposedly driving down a public road illegally (even with trailer tires, monster trucks are not street legal due to lack of registration). The image information said that the crew member voluntarily got arrested all so driver Matt Pagliarulo could perform that weekend. In April 2016, the team themselves confirmed that the story was just a joke, commented the following:

Although the above story sounds like it could possibly be true, it is in fact 150% not true. This photo was taken at an event we attended in El Paso and the officer in the photo was talking to us and asking questions about our truck. It was at that point that we thought we would stage this photo and post it on our social media pages as a joke. So let the record show that the "the El Paso Incident" is as real as the existence of Unicorns.

Similar jokes have also shown up on TeamJesterMonsterTruck's Instagram. For example, the 3D diamonds that appeared on the truck at Monster Jam World Finals 18 were "painted soup bowls from Bed Bath and Beyond", which they decided to paint, but caused the soup to taste like paint, so they were recycled for the truck instead. It turns out the diamonds were actually made from fiberglass specifically for the truck. Another time, the team posted a picture standing next to a red sports car with a fiberglass crab on top of it, claiming that it was the Crushstation monster truck and that the tires "Look way bigger on TV". Pagliarulo says he does this because Jesters joke around a lot.


  • Unlike the other trucks it tours with, Jester actually isn't officially owned by RKMT (Razin Kane Monster Trucks), but is actually independently run. It has toured with RKMT since its debut as both teams are based out of Florida.
  • Jester, as an Escalade monster truck, is often nicknamed "The Jestalade".
  • Jester's travel trailer used to have cheeseburgers painted on the side, since it was originally the trailer for Shockwave (who had a burger restaurant as a sponsor).
  • In 2016, the truck ran a special Leprachaun/St. Patrick's Day design at the Monster Jam World Finals 17, as the event was taking place on said holiday. The Green body would stay for 2017, albeit without the St. Patricks references.