Iron Warrior
Trenton 122816 DeAngelis (2)
Iron Warrior for the 2017 season.


Michael Vaters


Matt Cody


2008 Ford F-150


514 C.I. Ford Performance (big block, blown, fuel injected on methanol)


3-speed Ford C6 w/ Profab drop down quick change transfer case


Goodyear Terra 66"x43"x25"



Iron Warrior is a Ford F-150 monster truck owned by Vaters Motorsports. The truck debuted in 1998 driven by Glenn Bowlin out of Florida, and owned by him until 2004 when Mike Vaters bought the truck and Trey Myers drove Iron Warrior. The first Iron Warrior then became the first Strait Jacket, and a new Iron Warrior was built. 

In 2012 the 2000 version of Black Stallion is converted Iron Warrior and it continues to run this chassis to this day, but with Matt Cody behind the wheel.

In 2015, Cody drove Black Stallion while Mike Vaters ran a Monster Mutt Rottweiler.

In 2016, Cody ran a second Black Stallion on the Iron Warrior chassis. The truck runs on and on during the summer and fall. In late December Cody runs the truck in Monster Jam in Trenton, NJ.

In 2017 Cody will run the Blue Thunder body on the chassis for the More Monster Jam (Triple Threat Series) Central Tour.  


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