Iron Outlaw
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Iron Outlaw 2017


2Xtreme Racing


Todd Morey and Mike Christensen

Body Style

Custom Ford Expedition


540 CI Blown Alcohol


Hughes Performance 2-Speed Powerglide


66" Terra / BKT



Iron Outlaw is a Ford Expedition monster truck driven by Todd Morey out of Toganoxie Kansas and is a part of 2Xtreme Racing. The truck is best known for being piloted by Linsey Weenk from 2005-2007. Under a few occasions, Mikey Vaters has driven the truck. In 2016, Mike Christensen shared the driving duties with Todd Morey.


  • 2005 - Iron Outlaw debuts with Linsey Weenk as the driver.
  • 2006 - Linsey Weenk begins a streak of racing wins including the last Monster Jam racing win in the Silverdome and the first one in Ford Field.
  • 2007 - The truck is featured in Monster Jam
  • 2008 - A new Q-Torque Iron Outlaw debuts with Kreg Christensen behind the wheel.
  • 2008- Q-Torque Iron Outlaw is featured in Monster Jam: Urban Assault.
  • 2009 - Joe Miller begins to drive Iron Outlaw.
  • 2010 - Dawn Creten drives Iron Outlaw for a few months.
  • 2011 - A matte black Iron Outlaw debuts with driver Nick Owens.
  • 2011 - Nick tragically passes away in a jet ski accident.
  • 2012 - Mikey Vaters stands as an occasional fill-in driver, along with Rosalee Ramer .
  • 2014 - A new custom bodied Iron Outlaw debuts in Montreal.
  • 2015 - Todd Morey becomes the full time driver.
  • 2016 - Mike Christensen begins to drive Iron Outlaw
  • Summer 2016 - Matt Cody and Tim Missentzis start driving Iron Outlaw.
  • 2017- The truck debuts a new grey and red scheme, Mike Christensen continues to drive and Jeff Souza filled in Oakland. The original chassis is sold to Brian Christensen.  



Iron Outlaw's black body is actually not made of fiberglass, like other trucks. It is actually made of a rubber compound, so the body won't be damaged as much as fiberglass, and in turn, can be used more than the fiberglass bodies.

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