IronMan12 02

Iron Man

Iron Man was a custom monster truck from FELD Motorsports that ran from 2010-2014 and was driven by Lee O'Donnell, Dustin Brown, Morgan Kane, and Scott Buetow. The truck debuted on Monster Jam Live in 2010 with Lee O'Donnell behind the wheel to promote the Iron Man 2 movie. Buetow drove the second Iron Man from 2011-2013, Morgan Kane drove the second Iron Man truck in 2013 and Dustin Brown drove the second Iron Man truck in 2014. In 2013, Lee O'Donnell ran a different design on Iron Man for the Path of Destruction Tour with a Mark 42


design to promote the Iron Man 3 movie. The body was modified and it became Alien Invasion in 2016.

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Iron Man at San Diego Comic-Con 2011


Iron Man with the Mark 42 design


Hot Wheels prototype


Iron Man concept art from the cancelled Marvel Monster Trucks Live show.

20170828 205347

Original Art

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