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The building

The International Monster Truck Hall of Fame is a museum out of Auburn, Indiana created by Jeff Cook in 2011 to honor everything monster trucks. Since 2011 a few drivers are selected to be inducted into the hall of fame.

2011 Class

Class 1

2011 Class from left to right: Dan DeGrasso, Jack Willman, Bob Chandler, Army Armstrong, Jeff Dane, Scott Hess, Everett Jasmer.

Bob Chandler- Bigfoot 4X4

Jeff Dane- King Kong

Dan DeGrasso- Beast 4X4

Everett Jasmer- USA-1

Fred Shafer- Bear Foot (Scott Hess accepted on his behalf)

Jack Willman- Taurus

2012 Class

Class 2

2012 Class from left to right: Robert Carpenter, Jim Kramer, Mike Welch, Dennis Anderson, and Pablo Huffaker

Jim Kramer- Bigfoot 4X4

Mike Welch- Super Pete & Monster Mash

George Carpenter- MTRA Founding Member (his son Robert accepted on his behalf, as George passed away a few months prior to the ceremony)

Pablo Huffaker- Just Show N Off & Grave Digger

Dennis Anderson- Grave Digger

2013 Class

Class 3

2013 Class from left to right: Gary Porter, Scott Stephens, Dan Patrick, Allen Pezo, and Army Armstrong

Gary Porter- Carolina Crusher & Grave Digger

Allen Pezo- Predator

Dan Patrick- Samson and Patrick Enterprises

Scott Stephens- King Krunch & Texas Off Road

Army Armstrong- Announcer during the TNT and PENDA era.

2014 Class


2014 Class from left to right: Kirk Dabney, Diehl Wilson, Jon Breen, Michael Vaters, and Andy Brass

Diehl Wilson- Virginia Giant

Jon Breen- Mad Dog and Breen Racing

Michael Vaters- Black Stallion and Vaters Motorsports

Andy Brass- Bigfoot 4X4

Kirk Dabney- Blue Thunder, Monster Patrol, Overkill, etc.

2015 Class

64-2015 IMTHOF EricStern 062 web

2015 Class from left to right: Gene Patterson, David Morris, Billy Joe Miles, and Alan Tura

Gene Patterson- Bigfoot, Snake Bite, Stomper, etc.

David Morris- Equalizer

Billy Joe Miles- TNT Motorsports

Alan Tura- Goliath

2016 Class

Bob George- United States Hot Rod Association

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2016 Class from left to right: Charlie Pauken, Jerry Richmond, Terry Woodcock, and Bob George

Charlie Pauken- Excaliber, Grave Digger

Jerry Richmond- Terminator, Lethal Weapon, and Weapon 1

Terry Woodcock- Cyclops

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