Inferno 2012

Inferno was a monster truck created by FELD Motorsports that ran from 2002-2006 and a one off event in East Rutherford 2012.

The truck was essentially WCW Nitro Machine, just with any WCW remnants removed and the name changed.


  • 2002 - Inferno, the old WCW Nitro Machine, debuts with Kathy Winston behind the wheel.
  • 2004 - Inferno gets a new orange scheme.
  • 2006 - The last two shows for the first Inferno are ran in Arnhem Holland.
  • 2006 - Meanwhile, Hot Wheels and Pastrana 199 run competitions in Europe on the Inferno chassis.
  • 2012 - An Escalade version of Inferno runs for an encore in East Rutherford with Frank Krmel driving.


The original Inferno had to be called Flashfire for the toy release in 2003. It also had a very rare release under the original name. The new one in 2013 went by Inferno.


Monster jam european tour 2002 stade de france-108:19

Monster jam european tour 2002 stade de france-1

Video of the 2002 France event.

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