Ice Cream Man
Ice Cream Man 001
Ice Cream Man


JR McNeal


Roy Pridgeon

Body Style

Custom Dodge




2 Speed Powerglide


66" Terra / BKT



Ice Cream Man is a custom Dodge monster truck driven by Roy Pridgeon out of Paisley, Florida and is the teammate truck to Razin Kane and The Xtermigator. The truck was built in 2011 and completed for the first time in 2012. Over its short time the truck has become a hit with fans across the country for its unique paint scheme.


In 2012, Ice Cream Man makes its Monster Jam debut with driver Scott Sweat.

In 2013, Ice Cream Man was driven by rookie TJ Tripp. In Atlanta the truck was placed on the side of the course after it's freestyle run and was later slammed into by Madusa during her freestyle run.

In 2014, Roy Pridgeon and Buddy Tompkins shared the driving duties.

In 2015, Buddy left Ice Cream Man and now drives Razin Kane and Roy is still driving.

In 2017, Roy will run the truck on the west coast FS1 Series.


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