Hurricane Force
Hurricane Force circa 2018


Natural Disaster Racing


Steven Thompson

Body Style

Ford F-150


526ci Chevy Big Block


Coan 2-Speed


66" Terra/BKT



Hurricane Force is a Ford F-150 monster truck owned by Tim Mente and driven by Steven Thompson out of Bethesda, Maryland as a part of Natural Disaster Racing, the truck is the teammate to Storm Damage .


The truck debuted in 2010 under the Taurus 3 frame until 2012, when the truck Storm Damage truck got a new frame and the old one was converted to Hurricane Force. 

For 2014, the chassis was completely rebuilt and the truck continues to run that frame to this day.

In 2015, the truck's chassis was temporarily used as a second Northern Nightmare, along with the original, while touring Ontario, Canada.

In 2016, the truck and its teammate Storm Damage got new paint schemes

In 2017, both trucks competed on Monster Jam's Stadium Tour 4 for the first quarter.

In 2018, an Earth Shaker body is run on the chassis for the first quarter.


  • Although presently a Ford, Hurricane Force started out as a Chevrolet, It still uses a 526 Cubic Inch Chevy Big Block as the power plant.
  • The truck has gone overseas as Zombie for a show in Brazil, making it one of a few independents to go for a international Monster Jam show (War Wizard, Jurassic Attack, and King Krunch being three examples, the first two going on a European tour on FELD chassis and the third going to a Mexico City show).