Hulk performing in Helsinki, Finland in 2013


FELD (Truck), Marvel (Name)


Morgan Kane (2012), Jon Zimmer (2013) and Chad Tingler (2014)

Body Style



540ci Merlin


Coan 2-Speed


66" Terra





Hulk was a FELD-owned monster truck based off of the Marvel Comics superhero Hulk. Hulk ran from 2012 to 2014 on a Europe-exclusive tour. Hulk has had many drivers over the years. Hulk will not return for 2015, as Marvel is dropping out of Monster Jam for 2015.


Hulk debuted along with Thor in Gothenberg, Sweden 2012 with driver Morgan Kane, who would pilot Hulk for the 2012 European tour. In 2012, Hulk was part of Team Marvel v.s. Team Destruction in Arnhem, Holland. In 2013, Grave Digger driver Jon Zimmer would pilot Hulk for the 2013 European tour. Hulk was once again one of the six trucks on Team Marvel for the team competitions in Arnhem. 2014 would be Hulk's final year. Hulk's first stop in 2014 was Las Vegas for the 2014 Monster Jam World Finals, where Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man all performed back flips at once. This was the first time Hulk was seen at a show in North America. Hulk's driver for the 2014 European tour was another Grave Digger driver, this time it would be Chad Tingler. Hulk would not return for 2015, as the Marvel sponsorship ran out.


  • In 2002, Hot Wheels created a die-cast version of Hulk, although the truck didn't compete until 2012.

The 2002 die-cast version of Hulk

  • In 2002, Hulk was featured in Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction as a unlockable truck.
  • Hulk was scheduled to compete in 2003, but the truck was cancelled for unknown reasons. After 9/11, the "Beware of the Junkyard Dog" truck was changed to Radical Rescue , and so, the Junkyard Dog idea was moved to the unused Hulk truck,and renamed Monster Mutt thus, giving Monster Mutt it's trademark mercury body.
  • Ironically, at the World Finals 15 racing encore, Hulk was run on the Monster Mutt chassis, as the "Beggin for Bones" logo was visible when it did the backflip.
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    TruckWorld article on the cancellation

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Hulk during the Monster Jam World Finals 15 Racing encore, on Monster Mutt.


After the encore

2003 36-Hulk (1)

2003 Hulk toy with concept art

IMG 2251

The Incredible Hulk in Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction


Hulk concept art from the cancelled Marvel Monster Trucks Live show before the truck debuted.