Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels circa 2006


FELD Motorsports


Phil Foster, Chuck Werner, Rob Knell, Frank Krmel, Guy Wood

Body Style

Ford F-150


540ci Merlin


Coan 2-Speed


66" Terra





Hot Wheels debuted at World Finals 3 in 2002 with driver Eldon DePew, although the truck wouldn't begin to compete on the Monster Jam circuit until 2004 with driver Phil Foster (however, it did several display appearances in 2003). Hot Wheels had 5 World Finals appearances, and the truck has ran on two different chassis, one being a Team Meents chassis and the other being Frank Krmel's chassis. It also had two separate chassis, being Hot Wheels (European). The truck sponsored the toy car making company of the same name. The truck was retired in 2007 having lots of mechanical problems. In 2012, a new Hot Wheels truck debuted with the name Team Hot Wheels Firestorm as a replacement.


  • 2002 - Eldon DePew debuted Hot Wheels at the 2002 World Finals.
  • 2003 - The truck would make several display appearances.
  • 2004 - Phil Foster would tour Hot Wheels with his boss, Tom Meents. Neil Elliott would drive Hot Wheels at World Finals 5.
  • 2005 - Rob Knell and Kevin Lewis would drive Hot Wheels, touring with new Maximum Destruction driver Phil Foster. Foster would drive Hot Wheels at World Finals 6. A second Hot Wheels debuts with a new Ford F-150 body.
  • 2006 - Rob Knell would tour one Hot Wheels with Neil Elliott and Elliott would eventually drive Hot Wheels again at World Finals 7, but wouldn't freestyle due to mechanical problems. The second Hot Wheels would tour with Charlie Pauken and his Grave Digger.
  • 2007 - Chuck Werner would begin to drive the Team Meents chassis Hot Wheels, while the second Hot Wheels got a new driver, Frank Krmel. Neil Elliott would compete at World Finals 8 with Hot Wheels, but he still wouldn't freestyle due to its driveline being fallen off in racing. In 2008, Hot Wheels was replaced by Bulldozer, which Werner would drive. Frank Krmel would go on to drive the new truck, Donkey Kong.

Mechanical Issues

For unknown reasons, the Hot Wheels truck, despite spanning across several chassis and drivers, had a hard history with mechanical issues, breakages, and bad luck which often would lead to early ends to freestyle runs, or sometimes not making it to freestyle at all. This was especially notable on Televised episodes. SOme of the events include Monster Jam World Finals 3, St. Louis 2005, Monster Jam World Finals 6, Minneapolis 2005, Tampa 2006, Atlanta 2006, Houston 2006, Monster Jam World Finals 7, Monster Jam World Finals 8, and many more.

World Finals Appearances

  • 2002 - Eldon DePew
  • 2004 - Neil Elliott
  • 2005 - Phil Foster
  • 2006 - Neil Elliott
  • 2007 - Neil Elliott


  • Hot Wheels is one of three trucks to make its official debut at the World Finals, the others being Captain's Curse (in 2007), and Nitro Circus (in 2009).
  • The Team Meents Hot Wheels body has also been used for sponsoring The Bob and Tom Show truck.
  • The original 2002-2004 blue body style was nicknamed "Hot Wheels Cool Blue."
  • Hot Wheels is the only truck to finish last place at two consecutive World Finals, being 7 and 8.