Home of Bigfoot with Bigfoot 5 in the foreground

The Home of Bigfoot (aka Midwest Four Wheel Drive Center) is a destination spot in Pacific, Missouri (just outside of St. Louis) which is the home of Bigfoot 4X4. The outside is a blue building, with Bigfoot 5 and Bigfoot Fastrax along with on many occasions another Bigfoot truck and trailers outside. The inside shop area is a merchandise shop with various Bigfoot toys, DVDs, flags, etc. along with Bigfoot panels and pieces throughout the shop. Then on the farside is the Bigfoot workshop and offices, where the trucks are built and worked on, and the management of Bigfoot is done. Bigfoot usually has two Open House events; one in the fall and one in the spring with car crushes done at the shop.
Maxresdefault (1)-0

Bigfoot 19 during the 2013 Bigfoot Open House

Bigfoot 20 crushing cars at the Home of Bigfoot

Bigfoot 20, the world's first electric monster truck, crushes cars at the Home of Bigfoot.

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