Gun Slinger


Hartsock Racing


Scott Hartsock

Body Style

Offroad body


66" Goodyear Terra



Gunslinger (often structured as "Gun Slinger") is a Ford monster truck driven by Scott Hartsock out of Florida. Hartsock has been a staple of Monster Jam for many years and has won multiple major stadium events all across the country. Hartsock is best famous for his slogan "Cocked, Locked, and Ready to Rock."


  • 1992 - The first leaf spring steel bodied Gunslinger debuts, but rolls hard later that year
  • 1993 - The second Gunslinger, still leafspring, debuts with a fiberglass body
  • 1995 - Gunslinger III debuts with a tube chassis, and coil over shocks
  • 1998 - Hartsock debuts a new Ford F-150 bodied Gunslinger
  • 2000 - Hartsock is the runner up in the first Monster Jam World Finals Racing Championship
  • 2002 - Gunslinger is featured in the game Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction
  • 2002 - Gunslinger becomes famous for a massive launch at the World Finals
  • 2003 - Scott Hartsock becomes the first driver to beat Tom Meents at the World Finals in racing
  • 2003 - Gunslinger is featured in the game Monster 4X4: Masters of Metal
  • 2007 - A brand new chassis and scheme for Gunslinger debuts in Atlanta
  • 2010 - Another new scheme and chassis debuts on Monster Jam Live
  • 2010 - Hartsock, after a 5 year absence, returns to the Monster Jam World Finals.
  • 2010 - Gunslinger is featured in the game Monster Jam Path of Destruction.
  • 2013 - Gunslinger debuts a brand new Off Road Ford body in Houston and still runs it today.
  • 2017 - Gunslinger competed in the 2017 Fox Sports 1 East Series. However, it was dubbed as Slinger, because FELD decided to censor things to do with guns from trucks during this year.