Grave Digger 7 circa 2001

Grave Digger 7 was a Chevy monster truck built by Dennis Anderson and debuted in 1993. Dennis campaigned with Digger 7 from 1993-1996 when Grave Digger 12 debuted. In 2000 however Dennis drove a rebuilt #7 and won the first Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship with Grave Digger 7. Grave Digger 7 was the first Grave Digger to run the Jolly Roger, running it in 1993.

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Today, the truck is on permanent display at Digger's Dungeon.


Grave Digger 7 circa 2000

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Grave Digger 7's Roof Paint job, exclusive to #7 and only in 2000


Grave Digger 7 winning the First Freestyle championship


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