Grave Digger 30

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Chrome body in 2017

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After the Tampa incident

Oakland 022016 Meyers (9)

Circa 2016

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Grave Digger 30 is a Chevy panel van monster truck driven by Dennis Anderson since 2014. The truck is a more modernized and more stable version of Grave Digger 20, and its key feature being the green rims that were ran on this Grave Digger . In 2016, it was rebuilt with a new roll cage, and a chrome body was added to the truck. Dennis Anderson drove this truck during the 2016 season and to Monster Jam World Finals 17 while his son, Adam Anderson, took over driving the original black and green Grave Digger (Grave Digger 32). During the international tour, however, the truck competed with the original black and green body, which it went back to running full time in 2017.

2017 Tampa Incident

In 2017 the truck was involved in a wreck that injured Dennis during a show in Tampa. During a backflip attempt the truck shutoff and came straight down on the roof, the rollcage partially collapsed. Dennis had to be helped from the truck by medics. The truck needed major chassis repairs. Carl Van Horn and Jon Zimmer took over the driving duties for the remainder of 1st quarter.  


In Monster Jam Crush It

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