Vrai Grave-Digger

Grave Digger 12

Grave Digger 12 was a Chevy panel van monster truck built by Dennis Anderson and Grave Digger Racing in 1996.


1990s- Innovator and Intimidator

Grave Digger 12 was far different than any other Digger. The truck had a much longer stance that any of the previous Digger trucks, and also a more slim body design. The truck was also Dennis's first with nitrogen shocks as opposed to coil overs. The truck was also the first Grave Digger to run the paint template used by all Grave Diggers today. Dennis debuted the truck in 1996 and in 1999 won the USHRA Championship.


Grave Digger 12 circa 1997

2000s- Gary Porter days

Since 2001 Gary Porter drove Grave Digger 12 at arenas across the country. Gary's final event in Grave Digger 12 was Wildwood, New Jersey 2010.

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Car grave digger truck

2010s- Legend

In 2011, to replace Son-Uva Digger and an injured Ryan Anderson, Grave Digger 12 was brought back as Grave Digger the Legend driven by Tony Farrell. This would be the last time Grave Digger 12 was ran.

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Grave Digger 12, running the 25th anniversary body


Grave Digger 12 as Grave Digger the Legend