Fullboar 2.0

Fullboar 2.0

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Fullboar 2.0 before adding the logo

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Fullboar is a Ford F150 monster truck driven by Ed Eckert out of Knoxville Tennessee and has been competing since 2002. The truck is best known for running the smaller venues and also known for his fast paced cyclone donuts. It's chassis is currently up for sale, as Ed Eckert built a new truck for 2017. The new truck is called "Fullboar 2.0".



  • Fullboar was one of the first 5 trucks to ever perform in Israel (2007). It was part of a foreign tour.
2015 164 fullboar

2009 Hot Wheels Fullboar toy.

Ogle, Elrod, & Baril Monster Truck Commercial00:31

Ogle, Elrod, & Baril Monster Truck Commercial

Fullboar in a commercial for the law offices of Ogle, Elrod, & Baril.

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