Firestone Wilderness

Firestone Wilderness was a Ford F-150 truck driven by Eric Meagher of Bigfoot 4X4 from 1997-2000. The truck is known for its colorful red body, and also jumping the Boeing 727 Plane in 1999 along with Dan Runte in Bigfoot. The truck is featured in games Monster Truck Madness 2 and Monster Truck Madness 64.


Firestone Wilderness Jumping Over A Boeing 727 Plane


Firestone Wilderness With "Go Rams" Writen On The Roof

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Tonka-lights-engine-sounds-monster 360 7a2dc5d8f0a040ebf6154d03bd587721
Fast-lane-firestone-bigfoot-remote 1 1da1b6e5166bade748f1d1363ab4f868

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