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Excaliber under Sudden Impact Racing


Excaliber with Cult Energy sponsorship.

Excaliber was a Chevy monster truck that ran for many years, from 1985-2013, under many different drivers and teams.



Dave Marquart and Mike Nickel built Excaliber in 1985, and it wasn't until 1987 when the truck got its iconic black scheme. In 1989 they hired a then unknown Charlie Pauken to drive Excaliber.

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Original Excaliber


Second Excaliber

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Excaliber in the 1990's

In 1992 Pauken bought the operation and debuted a tube chassis Excaliber. Pauken would become a multi-champion in Thunder Nationals and drove the truck until 2000, when he sold it to Bruce Haney.


Excaliber would lay dormant until 2006 when Sudden Impact Racing debuted their own version of Excaliber using the old Sudden Impact chassis. They would then make a new chassis for an even newer version.


Excaliber Monster Truck flying

Excailber under SIR 2008-2010

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In 2010 SIR debuted a retro themed Excaliber to much fan acclaim. After a falling out in 2013, Jon Zimmer would drive Excaliber under RB Moler and Mountaineer Motorsports until Zimmer went on to drive Grave Digger. As of now, this is the final version of Excaliber that has ran.

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Racing Champions toy

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Vintage Excaliber toy prototype.

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