Eradicator 2012-2013

Eradicator was a Dodge monster truck driven by Andy Slifko out of Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Andy drove Eradicator for 20 years with the truck going from a Dodge Dakota, to a Durango, and finally a Ram but was always a Mopar body. In 2005 Andy suffered a trailer fire, and while Eradicator was saved, a burn mark was on one side for the rest of the season. Eradicator was known for the slogan "Fat guys can fly," which Andy put on the truck's tailgate from 2010 to 2013. Eradicator was retired in 2013 when Andy retired from driving. The truck was sold to Paul Breaud in 2015 and was driven by Maddie Meyers. In 2016, it became Muddy Girl Camouflage.


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