El Matador
El Matador circa 2011


David Smith


Daron Basl

Body Type

2003 Chevy SIlverado


540 Chevy


VR3 Big Brute


66" Terra



  In 2006, El Matador was introduced as the new addition to Flame Motorsports.The truck has always been red, except in late 2011 and 2012, when the truck was painted black. The truck has also always been driven by Daron Basl. In 2013, the truck was replaced by Nitro Hornet. In 2014, El Matador's chassis was to be used for Monster Mutt Rottweiler in the #MoreMonsterJam tour.


El Matador was introduced in 2004.

In 2008, El Matador got a new paint job, sticking to the color red.

In 2009, Daron won his first stadium racing victory in St. Louis.

In 2011, the truck got another paint scheme, this time changing from red to black.

El Matador was changed to Nitro Hornet for 2013 and 2014.

In late 2014, it was announced that Daron would be driving Monster Mutt Rottweiler in the #MoreMonsterJam tour with his El Matador/ Nitro Hornet chassis.

In 2015 El Matador returned with a black body that it continues to run for non monster jam events. Although Aaron Basl drove this body once in Salinas, CA on his chassis for a monster jam team competiton.


El Matador's chassis was also used for many sponsor trucks, including Texas-based store Fiesta and Houston-based radio show Rod Ryan.


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