Dragon Slayer
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Dragon Slayer circa 2017


Team KCM


Kreg Christensen

Body Style

Custom Hummer


540ci Merlin




66" Terra



Dragon Slayer is a monster truck owned by Kreg Christensen out of Utah since 1995. In 2002, it ran with the name Dragon, The Slayer. The truck was retired in 2008, but returned in 2017.
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Dragon Slayer circa 2007

1990s: Origins

Dragon Slayer first came about in 1995 as a Chevy S-10 built by Kreg Christensen and would remain as an S-10 through a chassis change until 2000.

2000s: Hummer and Monsters Of Destruction Days

In 2000 Kreg made Dragon Slayer the only Hummer monster truck in the world, and became well known across the USHRA and through the M.O.D tour which he became a champion. In 2008 Kreg sold Dragon Slayer after he joined 2Xtreme Racing. The truck then, was sold to Barry Parkins and became Western Renegade. The last Dragon Slayer competes today as Buckshot and First Response under Brandon Budd.

2017-Present: Revival

After the truck's retirement, Kreg said in multiple interviews that he had plans on building and bringing Dragon Slayer back until in 2017, during the trucks 25th Anniversary, Team KCM built a brand new Dragon Slayer. The truck remained being a Hummer and being yellow colored with Kreg driving. The truck currently competes in the Toughest Monster Truck Tour with teammates Wicked and Kamikaze.


  • In 2003, for the Hotwheels release of Dragon Slayer featured an interesting feature. Some of the toys read "Kreg Christensen" on the door as the driver, while the other half read "Dj Johnson" (Most Likely BJ Johnson).
  • The 2017 version of the truck has come with several nicknames by the fans, such as Dragon Slayer 2.0. However, none of them have been confirmed by the team.