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Ice Dragon circa 2018


FELD Motorsports


Jon Zimmer

Body Style

Custom Dragon


540ci Merlin


Coan 2-Speed


BKT / 66" Terra



Dragon is a custom dragon shaped truck driven by Jon Zimmer, which made its debut in East Rutherford 2014. Dragon also participated in the 2014 Australian tour. Dragon is now touring across the U.S. and Canada. The truck is green with wings and horns added on to help make the truck resemble a dragon. In pit parties, the truck also has eyes on the trucks windows, although they are removed from the truck in actual competition for visbility.


Dragon was announced to begin competing in 2014, however, the truck wasn't completed until June of 2014, so Liddycoat drove Dragon's Breath  for the first half of 2014. The truck officially debuted on June 14th, at MetLife Stadium being driven by Charlie Pauken. It made one hit, tripped on an obstacle, and rolled. It would return for a full exhibition freestyle the following week at Gillette Stadium, once again under Pauken. The body would be sent to Australia on the Dragon's Breath chassis. Dragon began its first full season in 2015. Liddycoat would get invited to the 4th Young Guns Shootout in 2015.

Hot Wheels - Monster Truck 360

Hot Wheels - Monster Truck 360

A 3d Panorama, made by Hot Wheels

In 2016, Liddycoat would return for the 5th Young Guns Shootout, this time, he would go on to be the Young Guns Shootout Champion and take the 32nd slot in the Monster Jam World Finals 17.

In 2017, Former Grave Digger driver Jon Zimmer debuted a second Dragon on the former Monster Mutt Junkyard Dog chassis and competed on one of the Monster Jam Stadium Tours. Scott Liddycoat only competed in international events as his Dragon chassis is stuck in Australia. He said that he would return for the World Finals that year, although this wouldn't happen. The truck though did compete at the said show with Zimmer behind the wheel.

In 2018, Jon Zimmer received a new chassis and competed in one of the Monster Jam Stadium Tours. Liddycoat doesn't run for the year. In Frankfurt, Germany, the truck unveiled a brand new 3D Dragon shaped body. At the Licensing Expo 2018 in May, an Ice Dragon truck was revealed for 2019's Fire & Ice.

In 2019, the Ice Dragon is run on Monster Jam Stadium Championship Series 3 as part of Fire & Ice driven by Zimmer. Darren Migues will drive the standard Dragon on Nitro Menace

World Finals Appearances

  • 2015 - Scott Liddycoat (YGS)
  • 2016 - Scott Liddycoat (YGS: Scott Liddycoat) (wins the YGS)
  • 2017 - Jon Zimmer
  • 2018 - Jon Zimmer


  • The 3D Dragon mold is actually an edited version of the body that the three Monster Mutts currently use.
  • It was intended to debut in early 2014, but with the body incomplete, it had to run as Dragon's Breath