Doom's Day
Doom's Day circa 2015


FELD Motorsports


Colt Stephens

Body Style



540ci Merlin


Coan 2-Speed


66" Terra/BKT





Doom's Day was a monster truck owned by FELD motorsports. The truck was first revealed in Houston, TX on January 4th, 2014 as an encore. In 2014, Doom's Day would appear as an encore at a random stadium show each weekend with a mysterious driver and sirens playing. The driver for the encores would be a driver at the event (for example Marc McDonald would drive the truck in Orlando 2014). At Monster Jam World Finals 15, one of the encores featured multiple Doom's Days, all performing back flips. In 2015, Doom's Day started competing on the Monster Jam circuit under Colt Stephens. The truck's body resembles that of New Earth Authority Police. Landon Wells, a helper of Metal Mulisha, was believed in 2014 to be the mysterious driver, however, this was proven false. This however, did not stop the Monster Jam drivers from referencing and nodding to this idea, and it is now a running gag among the drivers. This was true, until 2016, when Landon Wells did in fact drive Doom's Day for the 2016 season: this happened to be Doom's Day's final season, it was retired on December 3rd, 2016 after it's final show in St. Louis Missouri.



Houston, TX - First encore for Doom's Day. The truck rolls over, and the driver is escorted into a blacked-out SUV.

Atlanta, GA - Second encore for Doom's Day.

Tampa, FL - Third encore for Doom's Day.

Orlando, FL - Fourth encore for Doom's Day.

St. Louis, MO - Fifth encore for Doom's Day.

Anaheim, CA - Doom's Day's sixth appearance.

Jacksonville, FL - Doom's Day appears a seventh time.

Detroit, MI - Eighth encore for Doom's Day.

Syracuse, NY - Doom's Day final encore before World Finals 15

*Doom's Day also appeared at one of the Oklahoma City, OK arena shows in February 2014.

World Finals

For the World Finals, multiple Doom's Days went onto the field and began lining up with back flip ramps. All the trucks performed back flips, except for one truck that got stuck on top of a semi-trailer ramp.

2014 Path of Destruction

Doom's Day also did encores at Foxboro and East Rutherford.

December 2014

​The truck competes in its first weekend of competition in Trenton, NJ. The truck didn't get any wins, and the driver was never seen. The truck rolled during the first show and the driver stayed in the truck while it was up-righted and towed, and when parts of the body came off the following show in freestyle the truck drove straight out of the arena.


Doom's Day begins its first full season after competing in Trenton, NJ. The truck gets a racing win in Tacoma. During this, the mysterious driver doesn't come out to pick up the trophy. Doom's Day gets its first invitation to the World Finals. Pablo Huffaker drove the truck at Monster Jam World Finals 16 (this was revealed after a picture of Pablo wearing an all-black fire-suit and standing in front of Doom's Day at WF 16 was seen at the WF 16 Awards Ceremony). Steven Sims also drove Doom's Day on the Hooked chassis for the Path Of Destruction.


The truck wins the racing bracket in New Orleans and the driver is never seen being presented with the trophy. The truck is again invited to the World Finals, with the driver never seen. It is rumored to be Alex Blackwell at that World Finals. The truck did not run after the World Finals for several months, but returned in October and won the wheelie contest and freestyle at the second Glendale, AZ event. In December the truck has it's final performance in St. Louis with the driver removing their helmet, revealing the driver to in fact be Colt Stephens.


The truck doesn't drive for 2017, but was held on to at the Monster Jam garages, including lights and a polished body with new BKT tires. It was shown off in a news interview, despite officially being retired.


Doom's Day has no definitive driver; the running gag of the truck is that various drivers, who's identities are withheld (via a helmet with black, one way windows and a black fire-suit) drive the truck at different events. However, Monster Jam fans often times try to solve the mysterious drivers at certain events. Here are the known drivers who have driven Doom's Day at some point in time.

  • Colt Stephens: Drove the truck for the 2015-2016 season and during the final event for the truck in St. Louis in 2016
  • Marc McDonald: Drove the truck during an encore in Orlando in 2014
  • Chuck Werner: One of the drivers of one of the Doom's Day trucks in the WF 15 freestyle encore
  • Pablo Huffaker: Drove the truck at Monster Jam World Finals 16
  • Charlie Pauken: Drove the truck in East Rutherford and Foxboro in 2014.
  • Alex Blackwell: Rumored to have drove the truck at Monster Jam World Finals 17
  • Dustin Brown- While Dustin Brown did not officially drive the truck, he was interviewed alongside the truck in 2017, showing the reporter how to enter and exit the truck.


  • This truck has no relation to New Earth Authority, despite having the same body style.
  • This truck is considered by many fans to be the enemy of New Earth Authority.
  • This truck did race N.E.A. once in San Diego in 2015, with N.E.A. getting the win.
  • The truck rolled during it's first ever scored freestyle run. That occurred in Trenton, NJ in December of 2014.  
  • During it's first World Finals the truck only made two hits in freestyle before rolling. The next year the had another short run before rolling, the run included a random stall as well.  
  • Despite retiring in December of 2016, the truck was repaired, and even polished in the Monster Jam Garages, making a major cameo in a behind the scenes news interview as far as late January of 2017.  

World Finals 15 Incident

During the encore, one of the Doom's Day trucks rolled over and a part flew past some spectators. No one was injured.