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Oakland 022016 Meyers (23)

Devastator in 2016

Tuscon 022016 Posocco (16)
Tuscon 022016 Posocco (43)
Tuscon 022016 Posocco (48)

Devastator is a Chevy Silverado monster truck owned and driven by Mark Schroeder out of Tuscon, Arizona. Schroeder first built the truck in 1997 on a chassis similar to Bear Foot and Bulldozer, then in 2004 debuted an all new Racesource Chassis Devastator which has been his most successful and the truck he runs to this day. Occasionally, it will run as it's alter-ego, The Felon. In 2018, the truck is driven by Aaron Basl on a Stadium Tour.

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Running the old body on the new chassis in 2004


Devastator logo 2002-2003


Devastator's logo from 1997-2001