Crushstation in 2015 with the Green rubber band


Crushstation's special Blue body

Crushstation is a custom lobster themed monster truck driven by Greg Wichenbach out of Maine. With the unique body, and wild driving style Crushstation has been a fan favorite since 2010 and has competed in two Monster Jam Young Gun Shootouts as well as various smaller Monster Jam arena shows. Crushstation occasionally runs a blue version of the body exclusively in Maine.

2010 Incident

At a 2010 Monster Truck show, Crushstation ran over one of the hosts of the show. Luckily, the host only suffered a broken pelvis, and eventually made a full recovery.



Blue lobsters like this one are what Chrushstation's blue body is derived from

  • The blue lobster design of Crushtation is derived from the fact that blue lobsters do in fact exist in real life. It may also be derived from the fact that lobsters, unlike most organisms, and like snails and spiders, have blue blood, not red blood. This is due to the presence of hemocyanin which contains copper.


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