Carolina Crusher under FELD Motorsports

Carolina Crusher is a custom body monster truck formerly driven by Gary Porter out of Wadesboro, North Carolina. The truck is one of the original monster trucks, being built over 30 years ago with Gary behind the wheel. The truck has been owned by numerous owners, including Gary Porter (who owned it up until 1999), Paul Shafer (who owned it from 2000 to 2014) and FELD Motorsports (who owns it as of 2015). In addition, the truck has been driven under Bill Payne on the California Kid chassis & body as well. The body is the same as Captain America. FELD reused it after the Marvel trucks were discontinued. The truck was released on the first ever Trophy Truck tooling in 2018 taking a spot in Epic Additions on the Hot Wheels poster. Fans were split on the idea as some could use the body for customs, but others were hoping for it to be on the Captain America body as it would've been more accurate.


  • 1985 - Carolina Crusher is built
  • 1988 - Carolina Crusher II is built to compete on the TNT Circuit
  • 1991 - Carolina Crusher III is built and Gary wins the Penda Championship
  • Carolina Crusher

    Carolina Crusher

    Carolina Crusher competing on the PENDA Points Series

    1996 - Carolina Crusher is featured in Monster Truck Madness
  • 1998 - Carolina Crusher is featured in Monster Truck Madness 2
  • 1999 - Carolina Crusher is featured in Monster Truck Madness 64
  • 2001 - Gary Porter sells the name to Paul Shafer while Porter goes to drive Grave Digger
  • 2012 - Carolina Crusher is featured in the game Monster Truck Destruction
  • 2014 - Carolina Crusher returns under FELD Motorsports with Gary Porter driving it to celebrate it's 30th anniversary.
  • 2017 - Carolina Crusher Wins it's first ever Monster Jam Championship by winning the Arena Tour #6 Points Championship


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Gary Porter After WInning the Arena Tour #6 Points Series Championship