Captain's Curse
Captain's Curse circa 2013


FELD Motorsports


Alex Blackwell

Body Style

1941 Willy's


540ci Merlin


2-Speed Coan


66" Terra

Captain's Curse was a 1941 Willy's monster truck owned by FELD Motorsports since 2007. The truck, driven by Pablo Huffaker, uses the same chassis as Blacksmith, his previous truck, but with a new pirate theme and color scheme. Pablo mainly drove it at the Monster Jam World Finals. In 2008, Huffaker turned the truck over to Alex Blackwell.


In 2007, he debuted Captain's Curse at the World Finals, winning Freestyle with a score of 34.

In 2008, Pablo Huffaker sold the Captain's Curse body to FELD Motorsports and ran a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles body. Captain's Curse has since been driven by Alex Blackwell. Captain's Curse has toured with Rod Schmidt and his Grave Digger since 2008, but in 2010, it toured with Batman.

The truck became well known for its infamous crash during World Finals 10 during the racing finals versus Maximum Destruction. The trucks were racing down Thunder Alley and, approaching the turn, the throttle on the Captain's Curse truck got stuck, causing it to tumble into the stadium seats, landing about 15 feet from spectators and only about 10 feet from a camera operator. It turned out, Alex had deliberately flipped the truck into the stands to avoid crashing into the wall head on. Thankfully, the truck only landed in a section of the stands that was closed off for safety reasons, as a result, nobody was injured, however, some portions of the stands (mainly fences) were damaged, but were repaired as it seems. Infamously, the crash was not aired on Speed's episode of the show, namely due to controversy circling monster trucks after 2 unrelated deaths earlier that year. Despite FELD's attempt to censor the crash. however, it has since been uploaded to Youtube and has earned over 4 million views.

In 2012 Alex went to drive Wolverine, so Captain's Curse was temporarily shelved, except for when Pablo drove it at the World Finals.

In 2013 Alex returned to a revamped Captain's Curse which he drives to this day. Blackwell competed in every World Finals since 2013 with this body until 2016, when Captain's Curse did not compete. Fans who were surprised by Captain's Curse's absence were led to believe that Blackwell was actually competing as the unknown driver of Doom's Day; this is yet to be confirmed.

In 2017, Alex Blackwell transferred to Megalodon, and Captain's Curse was retired once again. It could be assumed that Pirate's Curse is this truck's successor, due to the similar designs and name.


This same truck has had two major crashes at the World Finals where the truck flipped out of the boundaries of the track. The first time was in 2001 at Monster Jam World Finals 2, where the truck, known as Blacksmith at the time, flipped over the dumpsters at the end of the racing track. That same chassis, after it began running as Captain's Curse, also flipped into the stands during Captain's Curse's infamous crash at Monster Jam World Finals 10, 8 years later, in 2009.


Monster Truck flips into stands00:37

Monster Truck flips into stands. (Monster Jam World Finals 10, Captains Curse)

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