BroDozer in Nashville, TN in June 2018


FELD Entertainment


Heavy D, Diesel Dave, and Colt Stephens

Body Style

Modified Ford Superduty Crew Cab


Wagler performance Duramax Diesel






June 23, 2018

BroDozer is a diesel-powered monster truck owned by FELD Entertainment. The truck was announced in 2017 and was supposed to debut in January 2018 with Colt Stephens driving. However, because of numerous problems with the trucks engine during development, the debut was delayed which ended up with Colt driving Zombie instead.

The truck debuted in Nashville, TN on June 23, 2018 with Heavy D driving.[1] Colt Stephens and Diesel Dave have been advertised to drive the truck on a rotational schedule with Heavy D.

It was made in partnership with the people behind the Discovery Channel show Diesel Brothers alongside Grave Digger driver Adam Anderson.


  • This is the first diesel monster truck FELD has ever constructed. This is only the second modern diesel truck, and is the first to run Monster Jam, as Dave Radzierez's XDP/ Xtreme Diesel truck uses a normal engine in indoor competition.
  • Like Gas Monkey Garage, this truck resulted from a deal with a Discovery Network show.  
  • Extensive engine testing delayed the truck's debut for almost six months. Colt Stephens campaigned a Zombie body on an existing chassis in its place.  
  • The truck had 3 different renders. The first two were mostly the same as each other, just with logo modification. The 3rd render had a thinner rear, and a larger extended cab, to be more accurate to the original vehicle.  
  • Many believe this truck to be a knockoff of Bulldozer. However, this is not true as the idea comes from the Diesel Brothers custom truck. This may stem from the fact that many fans do not know of the original Brodozer.  



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