Bounty Hunter
Jimmy Creten's Bounty Hunter circa 2017


Jimmy Creten


Jimmy Creten, Todd Morey, George Balhan(did one show in Anaheim) and Trent Montgomery(one show fill in Oakland 2017

Body Style

2005 Ford Exedition


555 CI Blown Alcohol


Hughes Performance 2-Speed Powerglide





Bounty Hunter is a Ford Expedition truck driven by Jimmy Creten and Todd Morey out of Tonganoxie, Kansas. Bounty Hunter is part of 2Xtreme Racing. With multiple championships, most notably the 2005 Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship, Bounty Hunter is one of the most successful monster trucks since 2000. Bounty Hunter is featured in the video games Monster 4x4: Masters of Metal, Monster Jam: The Video Game, Monster Jam: Urban Assault, and Monster Jam: Path of Destruction.


Bounty Hunter began in 1995 as a yellow Ford F-series then became a Chevrolet S-10 on the Dragon Slayer chassis and mainly did smaller events along the Midwest alongside Team KCM. In 2000 a brand new Dodge Dakota body was debuted, and Jimmy started to get some major stadium coverage. However, it wasn't until 2002 with a new Ford Expedition body that he began getting massive coverage and World Finals births, being a part of every World Finals since 2002.

In 2005, Jimmy would finally get a World Finals title, winning the Freestyle Championship in a tie breaker with Tony Farrel and Blue Thunder, who had a 31.

In 2008 the team expanded to two trucks.

In 2012, Mr. Creten ran a special body at the World Finals, with half the truck blue and the other half transparent.

In 2013, he debuted another special World Finals body, this time with the truck being grey. He would run this body throughout the summer of 2013.

In 2014, he would run a new yellow body.

In 2015, Jimmy Creten unveiled a half blue, half yellow Bounty Hunter for World Finals 16 for his 20th anniversary.

In 2016, Jimmy Creten drove the yellow & black Bounty Hunter and Trent Montgomery drove the blue & white one. For a portion of the summer of 2016 Matt Cody and Tim Missentizs piolted Trent Montgomery's Bounty Hunter.

In 2017, Jimmy runs his Bounty Hunter on the FS1 Series West and Todd Morey drives the second in one of the two other Stadium Tours. George Balhan drives Bounty Hunter at one of the Anaheim events and Trent Montgomery drove in Oakland.


  • Bounty Hunter is neither an Escalade nor a bed cab truck. Instead, it is a Ford Exbedition, an SUV.
  • Bounty Hunter has been in the Championship Race at the World Finals more times than anybody(s), but still has not won it to this day.
  • Razin Kane was used as a one time Bounty Hunter in 2012. Other one time trucks run as Bounty Hunter include Outlaw and Shocker.
  • In August of 2014 Zane Rettew would drive Trent Montgomery's Bounty hunter for one show in Pennsylvania when Trent was filling in for Jimmy Creten at another show.
  • The first iteration of Bounty Hunter had Yosemite Sam on the side, fitting with how Jimmy's first truck Plum Nuts had Taz on the side, another Looney Tunes character
  • The Skull on the 2017 Bounty Hunter resemble's the Punisher's skull.
  • Todd Morey's 2017 Bounty Hunter was made specifically for him. The body used the colors, and sponsor of the College he attended, and sponsors.


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