The Bob and Tom Show
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Bob and Tom Show 2006


Tom Meents (Truck), Bob and Tom Show (Name)


Guy Wood (2005-06), Chuck Werner (2007), Paul Cohen (Indianapolis 2008), Frank Krmel (Springfield, IL, 2008), Ricky Brantley (2009)

Body Style



540ci Merlin


Coan 2-Speed


66" Terra





The Bob and Tom Show monster truck debuted in 2005 in Indianapolis, In with driver Guy Wood. The truck competed in Indianapolis from 2005 to 2009 as sponsor truck for the local radio station. The truck has gone through many drivers. The truck was used on the Hot Wheels chassis between 2005 and 2007. It also ran on Pure Adrenaline as Bob and Tom Show (Brown).

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Original Render

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At the debut show in 2005

Bobandtom beforeshow


Bob and Tom Show debuted in Indianapolis, IN in 2005 with driver Guy Wood, who was able to get the truck its first win in racing. This would be the truck's only 2005 appearance. In 2006, they decided to tour the truck all over the Mid-west, going as far west as Kansas City and as far east as Detroit. The truck was driven by Guy Wood for a second consecutive year. In 2007, Bob and Tom only competed in Indianapolis, this time with driver Chuck Werner. 2008 marked the first year the truck wasn't driven by a Team Meents driver and the first year the truck wasn't featured on a Team Meents chassis. The truck was driven by Paul Cohen at the final show at the RCA Dome, and Frank Krmel at the 4 Wheel Jamboree in Springfield, Il. 2009 would be the final year the truck competed. Ricky Brantley drove the truck as Bob and Tom Show (Brown) in Indianapolis that year.


  • 2005- The truck debuts under Guy Wood
  • 2006- The truck competes a full season in different states.
  • 2007- The final year of the truck on a Meents chassis.
  • 2008- Bob and Tom only runs a few shows on a patrick chassis.
  • 2009- The final season for the truck is run as Bob and Tom Show (Brown).


  • Bob & Tom is the second longest running Radio Truck run by FELD.
  • Bob & Tom is also the only Radio Truck run by FELD to be run outside the state of the Radio Station.
  • The base colors, being black and orange, are actually the base for the second Hot Wheels body design, just without the stickers.
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In 2008



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