Blacksmith running the Jolly Roger in 2005

Blacksmith was a 1941 Willys truck driven by Pablo Huffaker, Carl Van Horn, Ryan Huffaker, Aaron Basl, and Norman Miller over the years. The truck was Pablo's teammate for many years until 2007 when the truck was converted to Captain's Curse.


Blacksmith with grey rims

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Blacksmith 2004-2007


The new body being assembled before it's debut showing at the Monster Jam World Finals 5



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  • 2001 - Blacksmith debuts

Blacksmith after his racing crash in 2001

  • 2001 - Pablo experiences a violent wreck at the World Finals, putting Blacksmith in a dumpster (Ironically, the same truck's chassis would flip over again into the stands 8 years later, at Monster Jam World Finals 10, as Captain's Curse). For freestyle, Pablo drove the non-competing truck Ragin Steel instead.
  • 2002 - A revamped Blacksmith driven by Norm Miller debuts
  • 2002 - Pablo gets his revenge by scoring a 36 in freestyle and drives onto a dumpster
  • 2003 - An Auto Zone sponsored Blacksmith competes in the World Finals driven by Carl Van Horn as Pablo fills in for an injured Dennis Anderson in Grave Digger

    Blacksmith 2001

  • 2004 - At World Finals V a new "spark" themed Blacksmith debuts
  • 2007 - Blacksmith runs its final season with Aaron Basl behind the wheel
  • 2007 - Blacksmith is retired, but the chassis continues to be used for the new Captain's Curse truck.
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Blacksmith under construction

IMG 2250

Blacksmith running an unused body in Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction


Blacksmith's digital render in Monster Jam: Path of Destruction

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