Black Stallion
Black Stallion 35th Anniversary circa 2016


Michael Vaters


Michael Vaters


2008 Ford F-150


540 C.I. Ford Performance (big block, blown, fuel injected on methanol)


2-speed FTI Performance Powerglide w/ Profab drop down quick change transfer case


BKT 66"x43"x25"


July 1981


Black Stallion is a Ford F-150 monster truck driven by Michael Vaters and Matt Cody out of Hagerstown, Maryland. Vaters is one of the longest driving performers, with over 30 years behind the wheel.


Black Stallion began as a street legal truck before becoming a leaf spring truck, performing car crushes along the East Coast


Vaters moved up to a tube chassis truck in 1996 called Black Stallion 2000 and was featured in the games Monster Truck Madness 2 and Monster Truck Madness 64. Vaters also ran the Thunder Nationals series, where a large chunk of his success came from. Vaters competed with his then-wife, Pam, who ran the truck Boogey Van.


Vaters dominated the Thunder Nationals series, and had multiple appearances in the Monster Jam World Finals, and was also featured in the video game Monster Jam: Urban Assault. Vaters unveiled Iron Warrior, a teammate truck for Black Stallion.


In 2011 Vaters began a partnership with Safety-Kleen products, debuting a brand new look for Black Stallion which is ran to this day. Matt Cody now runs Black Stallion on the Iron Warrior chassis as Vaters is running a third Monster Mutt Rottweiler on his chassis. Black Stallion is featured in the game Monster Jam: Path of Destruction


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