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Bigfoot 8 racing against Bigfoot 9

Stage3 12

Bigfoot 9 with the chassis visible


Bigfoot 9 before it was stolen

Bigfoot 9 is a Ford monster truck built by Bigfoot 4X4 in 1990 which was seen as a sister truck to Bigfoot 8 with slight upgrades. The truck however became lost in Brazil in 1998 and is still in the country to this day.

In 2008, a video showing Bigfoot 9 competing at an event in Uberlândia was uploaded to YouTube. The truck changed paint schemes and nicknames a few times. Such names and paints include Flash (Brazil), Crystal, X-Treme, and stolen Bigfoot schemes.


Flash (Brazil) with the Bigfoot logo visible


Flash (Brazil) with the original Bigfoot tailgate


Crystal running the Bigfoot logo


Flash (Brazil) running the Bigfoot logo

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