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Bigfoot #18
Bigfoot #18 circa 2011


Bob Chandler

Year Created


Body Style

Desert Trophy Truck


565ci Ford


2-Speed Abruzzi


66" Firestone

Bigfoot is a monster truck owned by Bob Chandler out of St. Louis, Missouri. It is considered to be the first "monster truck", though some were built before its time.

History Edit

Bigfoot was created in 1975. It was originaly Bob Chandler's 4x4 pickup truck. In 1979, Bigfoot became a common sight at truck and tractor pulls. In 1981, Bigfoot recieved much attention from a car crush at the Pontiac Silverdome.

Sponsorships Edit

Bigfoot's first sponorship was Ford, which ran on the truck from 1986 to 2007. Microsoft sponsored Bigfoot from 1996 to 2001. Their relation lead to the creation of the video game Monster Truck Madness, and the Bigfoot XBOX monster truck. Other sponsorships have includes Summit, Firestone and WCW.

Bigfoot trucks Edit

Truck Vehicle Information
Bigfoot #1 Built in 1975; now a display truck
Bigfoot #2 Built in 1982; sold to an independent owner in 2000
Bigfoot #3 Built in 1983; sold to an EMT financial fund in 2000
Bigfoot #4 Built in 1984; sold in 2007
Bigfoot #5 Built in 1986; display truck with ten-foot tall tires
Bigfoot #6 Built in 1986; sold in 1994
Bigfoot #7 Built in 1987; now a display truck
Bigfoot #8 Built in 1988; became a display in 2003
Bigfoot #9 Built in 1990; lost in a customs debate in 1998
Bigfoot #10 Built in 1991; Retired after extensive damage
Bigfoot #11 Built in 1992; driven by Jerry Dalton
Bigfoot #12 Built in 1992; tours with Ron Bachmann
Bigfoot #14* Built in 1993; driven by Larry Swim
Bigfoot #15 Built in 1993; driven by Darron Schnell
Bigfoot #16 Built in 2007; Retired after extensive Damage
Bigfoot #17 Built in 2003; driven by Nigel Morris
Bigfoot #18 Built in 2011; driven by Larry Swim
Bigfoot #19 Built in 2012; driven by Darron Schnell
Bigfoot #20 Built in 2012; electric powered; display truck
Bigfoot 21 Built in 2014: Driven by Dan Runte
Bigfoot Shuttle Built in 1985; van body; sold in 2002
Bigfoot Fastrax Built in 1988; treaded offroad vehicle
Bigfoot Ranger Built in 1985; driven by Marilyn Chandler; sold in 1996

*Bigfoot #13 was skipped due to supersition.

Other Bigfoot facts Edit

  • A Bigfoot video game was created by Acclaim in 1990. To advertise it, Bigfoot was a character in Acclaim's TV show.
  • The children's TV show, Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks, features Bigfoot as a character. He has a son called Little Tow. (LT for short.)
    Mini-2007 0518Lima Fri0021

    Bigfoot truck

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