Backdraft is an International Monster Truck driven by Ty Cornelius out of Pennsylvania. The truck has had a long career and most notably was when it was piloted by Jeremy Slifko from 2008-2013.


  • 2000- Backdraft debuts on a Dodge Ram body with Rick Disharoon behind the wheel.
  • 2004- A new custom Fire Engine Dodge Backdraft debuts.
  • 2004- Backdraft does a few displays on the Viper/Demon chassis.
  • 2006- Andy Slifko buys Backdraft.
  • 2008- Jeremy Slifko starts driving the truck.
  • 2009- A new Ram Fire Truck Backdraft debuts.
  • 2011- Jeremy wins freestyle in Orlando, Florida.
  • 2011- A white Backdraft competes at the World Finals and at it's home town event in Philadelphia.
  • 2013- A new J&B built International Backdraft debuts.
  • 2014- The truck is sold to Paul Breaud and Ty Cornelius takes over the driving duties.
  • 2016- A new paint job debuted.

​White Body Bad Luck

Although the white body was a popular look for the truck there seemed to be some bad luck associated with it. It started in Las Vegas during freestyle when on only the third hit the right front wheel broke off ending Jeremy's run early. Then in June at the televised stadium event in Philadelphia the truck had two seperate drive shaft failures. First in qualifying causing the truck to miss racing and then a second in freestyle before Jeremy even hit any obsatcles.


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