Team Scream Racing


Jim Koehler

Body Style

1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air


Blown 575 Chevrolet Big Block


Coan/Bewick Turbo 400


66" Terra





Avenger is a 1957 Chevy Bel Air monster truck driven by Jim Koehler and is the flagship truck for the Team Scream Racing camp based out of Columbus, Michigan. Avenger is perhaps most famous for its unique bodies which have been ran at every Monster Jam World Finals since 2004. Koehler has competed in every World Finals.

1997-2001 (S10 Days)

Avenger was first created in 1997 with a Chevy pickup body in which Koehler campaigned with until after a wild crash in New Orleans 2000, which led to him putting a brand new Chevy S10 body on the truck. This incarnation of Avenger ran until mid 2002 where he created the Nomad/Bel Air body he runs to this day.

2002-2008 (Dark Green Nomad Days)

In 2002 Jim Koehler debuted a brand new 1957 Chevy Bel Air body for Avenger which was the most successful version of the truck, claiming his first Monster Jam World Freestyle Championship in 2003. Koehler continued to run this version until 2008 when he debuted a new, lighter schemed Avenger and a new chassis.
2008-Present (Light Green Bel Air Days)

In 2008 Koehler debuted a more light green version of Avenger on a brand new chassis built by Pablo Huffaker and Racesource. This truck was more stable and racing oriented than his previous Avenger, but still a freestyle machine at heart, which he proved by winning his first Monster Jam show with the truck in Minneapolis 2008. Koehler continues to campaign with this Avenger to this very day.

In 2017, Avenger celebrates its 20th anniversary with a special throw-back body that resembles the Chevy S-10 body from 1999-2001.
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Avenger in it's Chevy S-10 body, for the 20th Anniversary tour

 A brand new chassis, built by Cory Rummell , is debuted at the World Finals and Jim has his longest run in the racing bracket, going all the way to the semi-finals. The 2008 chassis becomes Wrecking Crew.


  • with its first championship at World Finals 4, Avenger is the only truck to finish last place both the year immediately proceeding and following the same year winning a championship (in the case of the latter, tying last with Blue Thunder and Team Suzuki at Monster Jam World Finals 5).
  • Avenger is the only truck to compete at every single Monster Jam World Finals (including the Motor Madness World Finals "0") while being driven by the same driver.
  • "Avenger" was also the name of Jim Koehler's Dad's Drag Racing car, and Jim decided to continue the Avenger name by naming his monster truck after his car.
  • Now retired Corey Clark drove the truck a few times in Australia.
  • YouTube ganged some minor controversy in 2016 after several amateur videos of Avenger's World Finals 17 freestyle were muted out due to copyright reasons due to the song that was playing during Avenger's freestyle. At least six videos were muted out by YouTube. One of these videos was a full freestyle compilation uploaded by YouTube user TLITD31. When the video was originally uploaded, YouTube muted the entire video solely due to Avenger's freestyle, so the user had to re-upload the video with Avenger's freestyle clip self-muted out. The blocked out song was Let Me Hear You Scream by Ozzy Osbourne.
  • Avenger was the first ever non-FELD owned truck to win a World Finals championship. Jim Koehler won the freestyle championship at Monster Jam World Finals 4.
  • At the Monster Jam World Finals 16, Avenger had an onboard shot of the chassis, with a BKT sticker in front for sponsorship purposes. Jim didn't have BKT tires on the truck yet, and as some funny humor, next to the BKT sticker, he wrote "I WISH".

World Finals Bodies

1997/2000 - 1994 Chevy

2000/2001 - Dark Green S-10

2002 - Dark Green Bel-Air

2003 - Green Avenger (won his first World Freestyle Championship with this version)

2004 - Orange Avenger

2005 - Orange/Green Avenger

2006 - Chrome Avenger

2007 - Chrome-Neon Green Avenger

2008 - Toxic Green Avenger

2009 - Aqua Blue Avenger

2010 - Flat Black With White Flames Avenger

2011 - Candy Apple Red Avenger (Won second World Freestyle Championship with this version)

2012 - Yellow With Red Flames Avenger

2013 - Purple with different colored pin striping Avenger

2014 - Purple Avenger

2015 - White Avenger

2016 - Hand painted "Junkyard Blue" Avenger with rust

2017- Dark green retro S-10 body with chrome logo

Other Special Bodies

2003-2004 - Avenger occasionally runs the pickup truck body

2004 - The Orange body is run in October for a show taking place on Halloween.

2009 - Avenger runs a Neon Teal body for the Monster Mash tour.

2009 - Avenger runs an alternate green body with a Fig Newton Sponsorship

2015 - Avenger runs a "Rockin' 0 Points!" body for the Fox Sports 1 Championship series.

2015 - Avenger Re-Runs the Aqua Blue Avenger, but the paint job is slightly different.

2016 - Avenger runs a "Rockin 50 Years!" body for Jim Koehler's Birthday.

2017 - Avenger runs a 20th anniversary S-10 body (same color as the standard Avenger, in contrast to the WF18 body which is darker green).


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