Arachnaphobia was a Chevy S-10 monster truck driven by Scott Anderson out of Nampa, Idaho from 2003-2010. The truck was Scott's most successful, and longest until being sold to Paul Strong in 2011. In 2010, Hot Wheels released an Arachnaphobia die-cast toy with a 3D body-like mold, although it was never ran by Anderson in real life.

This truck was retired in 2011. A new Arachnophobia ride truck was built in 2014 and ran the Arachnophobia name until its conversion to Paddy Wagon in 2016.

Anderson has been considering building a new race truck, with the 3D die-cast body.

Arachnaphobia truck by shockwavex2

Arachnaphobia Hot Wheels toy: this version of the truck never existed in real life.