Advance Auto Parts Grinder
IMG 0963
Advance Auto Parts Grinder circa 2010


FELD Motorsports


Lupe Soza, Frank Krmel, John Seasock, and Nicole Johnson

Body Style

Ford F-150


540ci Merlin


2-Speed Coan


66" Terra





Advance Auto Parts Grinder was introduced in December 2009 as a sponsor truck for the then-title sponsor Advance Auto Parts. Lupe Soza, former driver of El Toro Loco, was selected to drive the truck. In 2011, John Seasock and Frank Krmel joined to drive Grinder until 2013. The truck has not won a World Finals title since its discontinuation in 2013, after Advance Auto Parts backed out of their title sponsor contract.


In December 2009, it is announced that Advance Auto Parts will become the title sponsor of Monster Jam and that Lupe Soza will be driving their sponsor truck, Grinder.

In 2010, Grinder begins its first full season of competition. Lupe makes it to the World Finals, but he doesn't win. He tied with Steve sims and Tom Meents with a 28.It is announced that two Grinders will be added to the team with drivers John Seasock and Frank Frmel getting the two trucks.

In 2011, John and Frank begin their first seasons with the truck. Frank Krmel beat Dennis Anderson in a final-round race, ending Anderson's winning streak in racing. Frank raced the Grinder at the World Finals while Lupe freestyled. All three Grinder trucks did an encore at World Finals 12.

In 2012, Frank got injured before the season could begin. Tasmanian Devil driver, Nicole Johnson, drove Grinder for Frank. She made it to the first Young Guns Shootout. John got his first ever stadium freestyle win in June in Philadelphia on the Path of Destruction Tour. At the World Finals, John raced and Lupe freestyled.

In 2013, John would once again race for the World Finals and Lupe would freestyle. This is the last year that Grinder competed in.


  • The truck's debut show and last show were both in Minneapolis. It was driven by Lupe Soza on both occasions.
  • The truck flipped while taking on an R.V. at it's first and last shows.
  • The trucks first televised appearance was at Monster Jam Live Atlanta in 2010. 


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